Portland, ME Social Security Disability Offices (SSDI, SSI)

Portland, ME Social Security Disability Offices

What we provide:
1. Qualification Information on SSI Supplemental Security Income and SSDI Social Security Disability.
2. Office information including times and information on local city offices.
3. Question and Answer information from those who have been to this local office.
4. Benefit information for SSDI or SSI.

SSI Program:
The SSI provides a minimum base level of financial assistance to seniors and persons with disabilities
(regardless of age) with very limited income and resources.

The federal SSI benefits of the Social Security Administration are often supplemented by state programs.

SSDI Program:
SSDI supports persons who are disabled and have an eligible work history, either through their own
employment or through a family member (spouse/parent).

Portland Social Security Office

550 Forest Ave
Portland, ME - 04101
(877) 319-3076
The Portland Social Security Office determines eligibility and pays benefits to those entitled to survivor benefits. Determines eligibility and pays.. click for more details..

Social Security office locations

Social Security disability is designed to assist those who are disabled by providing an income managed by the Social Security Administration.

Disability Eligibility Requirements

In order to be eligible, those must possess either a medical, physical, or mental disability enduring at least 12 months or result in death. Those receiving disability must also be under the age of 65.